Player Info

All of our player are the high-elo player in the game and they have at least 5 years of experience in this game.So we can guarantee that ur order will be done can be done in time or even faster.



Name: Lim Hao Jun

In-Game rank: Challenger(988lp)

League of Legend experience: 5 years

Others: Leader of the team and won the tournament in Singapore Polytechnic as a AD Carry

Vice Leader


Name:Tan Qian Ting

In-game rank: Challenger(1021lp)

League of legend experience: 6 years

Other: He was the Top 3 Challenger Player in SEA server during Season 6

Active Teammate


Name:Lim Ann Yong

In-game rank:Challenger(708lp)

League of legend experience: 7years

Others: He was a teammate of the famous Malaysia Team,KL Hunter (KLH)